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Comprehensive and Effective 

Property Management Company

We are Property Management Experts
Triangle Associates, Inc.
Commercial, Residential Real Estate Management & Rental Company

Triangle Associates Property Management is a commercial & residential management company that focuses on serving the needs of absentee owners who hold investment condo and coop apartments. Our comprehensive hands-on experience coupled with our vast network of industry resources provides our clients with a working partner who can make your plans come to fruition and your dreams a reality. Our first-class real estate management services are catered to the individual owner, cooperatives, condominiums, commercial entities, trust, receiverships and more.

Whether you are looking¬† for an experienced, trustworthy local property management companies for your residential apartment building, condo association or commercial office building, Triangle Associates, Inc. is here to meet your needs. As an award-winning, best property management company with a full service, in-house brokerage and strong expertise with renovations and property maintenance, we’re the all in one solution for your needs.

Do you want to work with knowledgeable, experienced & top property management professionals who have the integrity, know-how, and expertise to successfully manage your property? If so, you’ll want to talk to us!

Stop the headaches and stress related with owning and managing rental property. As an experienced property management company, our talented team of professionals will help manage your asset in an efficient manner according to your goals and program requirements. Contact us today to learn more.

Sawmill Apartments

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William Penn Commons

Price : POA

T.E. Brown Apartments

Price : POA

Mt. Zion Pleasantview

Price : POA

Goodwin Plaza

Price : POA

Foxhill Manor

Price : POA

Daley Apartments

Price : POA

Brentwood Square

Price : POA

Conner House

Price : POA

Andrews Garden

Price : POA
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We have properties in Indiana, Wisconsin, Ohio and Illinois

Property Management

We have over 40 years of experience managing properties in Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin and Illinois. Our expert staff can meet all of your needs for market rate, section 8, section 42, tax credit, or cooperatives. Speak with someone from our team today.





We partner with you in Indiana, Wisconsin, Illinois & Ohio to meet your goals

and help your property succeed. Triangle Associates Inc is a full-service, residential Property Management company located in Indianapolis, IN. Triangle Associates has extensive experience in real estate management and can be invaluable in the design, construction, and operational planning for all types of properties. Whether you're looking to purchase your first rental property, or you can't sell your personal residence, we can be more than just your property management company in Indianapolis. We will be a trusted partner to educate and advise you throughout the entire process.

Our Triangle Associates Inc - commercial property management company in Indianapolis is well equipped to manage your tenants and your commercial property from start to finish! Whether you are looking for an experienced, trustworthy property management company for your residential apartment, senior living management or commercial office building in Indiana, Wisconsin, Illinois or Ohio, Triangle Associates, Inc. is here to meet your needs.

Triangle Associates, Inc. is the top & best property management company. Call us at 317-921-1950 to learn more..

Property Management

We manage every facet of property operations to run your property in a compliant and efficient manner.

Property Consulting

We help take the risk out of designing, constructing and operating rental properties.

Property Administration

We help establish policy, provide support, direct training and so much more.

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We will help you maximizing your property's potential.

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Triangle Associates Inc

1712 N Meridian St #300

Indianapolis, IN 46202

Telephone: (317) 921-1950




Areas Serviced

We proudly serve the states of Indiana,Illinois, Wisconson & Ohio managing a variety of property types.