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1035 Sanders St. #122 Indianapolis, IN 46203

Southside Partners, L.P. II, a new and exciting rental property consisting of two, three and four bedroom duplexes and single family homes which have been beautifully renovated. There are a total of 31 units.

As a part of the Section 42 Tax Credit Program, which is intended to make affordable housing available to lower-income persons and households, income limits apply based on the family size. Applicants must meet eligibility requirements of the Section 42 program and the selection criteria including acceptable credit and rental history.

Rents are restricted by the Section 42 program to make them affordable to low-income persons, but they do not vary according to the resident’s incomes. However, persons with Section 8 certificates or vouchers are encouraged to apply.

Handicap Accessible

Certain Age & Income Restrictions May Apply

Southside Partners does not discriminate on the basis of disability status in the admission or access to, or treatment or employment in, its federally assisted programs and activities.



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1035 Sanders St. #122
Indianapolis, IN 46203
(317) 917-1053